wine glass!

Independent study- I used a lightbox, white tabletop,
and a wine glass with about seven day old
 watercolor water.
1/125 sec, 2/4/2011

Same said wine glass, this time using a slower shutter
and angled away from the lightbox.
1/80 sec, 2/4/2011

This is the glass with the light boxes directly in view.
I switched tables for this one; this worked better
as it has a black top. I really like the way it turned out,
especially with the way the lights look.
1/320 sec, 2/4/2011



I love this stencil. Sufjan Stevens is probably one of my
favorite artists, so I threw down a stencil in homage.
The face got a little screwed up, but it was really hard
to accomplish. Either way, I like how it turned out.
This stencil was also made before I found out how glorious
spray adhesive is. Believe me, it works miracles.
spray paint on construction paper, 3/30/2010


elliott smith! this was one of the first stencils i have ever done,
i am definitely pleased at how it turned out.
spray paint on construction paper, 3/16/2010


Look! Minneapolis! This was a rainy day shot from the Walker.
1/320 sec, 10/26/2010

bokeh change, umbrellas!

This is a bokeh change. I took a black sheet of construction paper and
made it the size of my lens. I cut out a small picture (in this case..an
umbrella) and taped it on the end of the lens. This isn't the best example, but
i like how it turned out.
.8 second exposure, 10/30/2010

blue orb

This is a favorite picture of mine. I made it using mini LED christmas lights.
24 second exposure, 11/25/2010

the zipper!

even though people gave me creepy looks and i feared for my camera's life,
i still managed to set it on a tripod and take this picture.
15 seconds, 8/21/2010

the zendar

the zendar! 15 second exposure. 8/21/2010